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Restoring Rights - Reforming Government

Right of Remonstrance by Address

I am the first Tennessean since the year 1850, to exercise OUR right to remonstrate  (protest unconstitutional conduct of the govt) with a Petition of Remonstrance, properly received and recorded in journals of both the House & Senate of the Tennessee General Assembly. This right is our most important right, protected in the Tennessee Constitution, Article I, Section 23.  This right belongs to every Citizen and I am already working hard as a citizen to restore this right to all Tennesseans.     You too can exercise this right. 

Proper Form of Government

Our government was formed on the concept of checks and balances, to prevent one branch from becoming too powerful.  Today, there is no check of one branch over the other of our judiciary and judges in Tennessee routinely violate the right to a fair and impartial court (due process) in bias and sometimes corruption.  I am working hard to restore accountability and proper judicial oversight, as provided for in our beloved Tennessee Constitution.

Campaign Contribution

This campaign for state senate will not receive campaign contributions from special interest groups like law firms, big pharma, etc. because they know I work in the interest of the people.

If you would like to contribute to Candidate John Gentry for State Senate, Tennessee Senate District 18,campaign contributions are accepted through PayPal. Thank you for your support. 

State statute prohibits personal contributions exceeding 1,600

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