Restoring Due Process

Would you accept our judiciary deciding that we no longer have a right of free speech, or privacy or right to bear arms?  Of course not!  So of course you cannot accept the fact that we no longer have a right of due process.

This cause is about restoring our right of DUE PROCESS that has been usurped by our corrupt legal profession.  WE THE PEOPLE, here assembled, do not reflect our political party affiliation.  DUE PROCESS is essential to all free people.  The term "republican" is used on this website to describe our form of government NOT PARTY AFFILIATION.

Think back to our pledge of allegiance...  "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to  the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible,  with liberty and justice for all." 

Stay Informed

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About Us

What WE THE PEOPLE are about


We are going to bring the people of this country together and join  hands and demand reform of our governments.

We are not asking!  We are  asserting our right to do so.

This demand will be made in the  form of a REMONSTRANCE filed directly in in our State Senate and Houses and State Supreme Courts.  A "Petition of Remonstrance" as provided for in our STATE CONSTITUTIONS.

We are going to file our REMONSTRANCES numbering hundreds of thousands strong.

Corrupted Legal System

Our corrupt judiciary, made up in large part of corrupt attorneys wearing black robes (costumes), have FORSAKEN PUBLIC TRUST.  Our judiciary is unwilling to provide objective oversight of themselves and the legal profession, resulting in rampant rights violations and federal crimes perpetrated under color law.

We are going to assert our right to REFORM our government and return power to the people and RESTORE DUE PROCESS.  We are going to demand an end to judicial corruption routinely occurring during court proceedings.

You only need add your name as co-petitioner and DEMAND reform.  It is  time to stop whining and complaining without taking action.  The time is  now to STAND UP and FIGHT for your CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!!

If you would like to learn more, ask questions about this project, interact with thousands who have joined this cause, we invite you to the Facebook group  WE THE PEOPLE v. THE FIFTY UNITED STATES, and join this group of patriots who are committed to peaceful reform of our broken and corrupt legal system.

Campaign Contribution

If you would like to contribute to Candidate John Gentry for State Senate, Tennessee Senate District 18,campaign contributions are accepted through PayPal.  Thank you for your support.  

State statute prohibits personal contributions exceeding 1,600

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