Broken and Corrupt Legal System

A Tennessee Governor once stated: The character of a government is so reflected in its judiciary that it requires your constant attention at all times.

Today, there is NO OVERSIGHT of our judiciary.  State and federal court judges, in collusion with attorneys, routinely violate constitutionally protected rights (due process) and perpetrate crimes against WE THE PEOPLE under color of law with impunity.

When our rights are violated and crimes are perpetrated against us under color of law, we have NO MEANS OF REDRESS.

  • Effectively 100% of complaints filed against judges by non-legal professionals are wrongfully dismissed.
  • Effectively 100% of lawsuits filed against lawyers and judges for rights violations and crimes perpetrated under color of law are wrongfully dismissed in both state and federal courts.

Judges in state and federal courts and members of judicial oversight agencies blatantly protect the corrupt conduct of lawyers and judges in collusion.


 We are deprived our constitutionally guaranteed right to jury trial in civil matters for the purpose of lawyers and judges in collusion to conduct corrupt court proceedings.

Corrupt judges conduct "mock trials" for the purpose of (1) creating unnecessary billable hours for attorneys, (2) appointing unnecessary guardian ad litem (more billable hours for their attorney friends), (3) requiring unnecessary psychiatric evaluations (more billable hours), and (4) requiring unnecessary drug test evaluations (more billable hours). 

Perjury statutes are enforced selectively and only when enforcement serves corrupted interests.

Children are wrongfully taken from loving parents based on unsupported or frivolous allegations for the purpose of generating Title IV incentive revenue to the states from the federal government.

 Exploitation and kidnapping of American children by Child Protection Agencies and destruction of their families. 

Our self-sufficient elderly are wrongfully forced into state care, and executors of their estates are appointed for the purpose of liquidating their assets and transferring their wealth to the state and to the corrupted executors.

Gag orders are put in place and litigants are held in contempt and incarcerated without jury trial so as to hide corrupt court proceedings and to preserve false public trust.

Court documents are concealed in the record so as to hide corrupt court proceedings and to preserve false public trust.

Unconstitutional state statutes are enacted to protect corrupt conduct of judges and lawyers in collusion.

Unconstitutional court rules are put in place to deprive due process and to create a monopolistic legal system.


Become a Co-Plaintiff and DEMAND REFORM of our broken and corrupt legal system.

We have an unalienable and indefeasible right to alter, reform, or abolish our government in such manner as we may think proper.  We are going to assert that right.  We are not asking!!!

Go back to the home page and enter your email address at the bottom of the page.  TOGETHER we will file the most important legal document since the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE in Supreme Court of the United States.


The below Motion To Disqualify ALL Justices of the Supreme Court of the United States well explains why and how our legal system has become broken and corrupted.  This document has been docketed and is available on the Supreme Court's website.

The Petition for Writ of Certiorari is similar in construct to the COMMON LAW EXTRAORDINARY WRIT IN NATURE OF MANDAMUS that we will file TOGETHER as WE THE PEOPLE.


Our Judiciary Is The Problem

Family Court Corruption