About The Below Social Media Posts

There is little doubt the rhetoric used in the below posts include an impassioned call to action.  Phrases such as "FIGHT WITH ME" are NOT A CALL to take up firearms or engage in violent protest.

We are a civilized society and TOGETHER we can effect meaningful and lasting reform through the peaceful means of demanding reform through a REFORM LAWSUIT filed into our highest court - The Supreme Court of the United States.  An EXTRAORDINARY WRIT IN NATURE OF MANDAMUS.

It is true that the POWER OF THE PEN is mightier than the sword, and past reforms in our country have always been best achieved through peaceful means.  Our founding fathers foresaw the eventuality of our present circumstance and wrote into our state constitutions that POWER IS INHERENT THE PEOPLE and AT ALL TIMES, we have an UNALIENABLE and INDEFEASIBLE RIGHT TO REFORM OUR GOVERNMENT IN SUCH MANNER AS WE THINK PROPER.  Certainly everyone can agree a REFORM LAWSUIT is a reasonable means to DEMAND REFORM.

The "Call to Arms" herein sought, is merely a call to spread the word..., join others to our cause, and as a people, united in common purpose, peacefully DEMAND REFORM of our corrupted and broken legal system.

rhetoric - literary uses of language, including the figures of speech.



FB Post 4/27/2018

       Just to give you guys an idea of what we have to file in the Supreme Court of the United States.  

      They require 40 booklets for the Court and 3 copies to each Respondent.   The set in the picture is one set of 40, +3 for one Respondent.  Since  there will be 50 states as Respondents and because we have to serve  both the Governor and State Attorney General I will have to print and  bind 340 booklets.  

      I will bear the cost and perform the labor.  It will be a labor of love.

      I have a commercial copier/printer and I'm printing the booklets myself  to save money.  It will cost about $2,500 just for the paper. The  Supreme Court requires that the booklets be printed on 60lb 170 g/m  paper (typical copy paper is 20lb).  This is how they deny access and  deny justice.  We will not be denied access.  We will jump through their  stupid hoops/court rules.

      The postage to the Respondents will run about $6, so that will be another $600 or $700.

 It takes me 12 minutes to cut and bind each copy.  That is 68 hours  just for cut and bind.  It took me 4 hours to print 40 copies so the  printing will take me 34 hours.  Total hours to print, cut, and bind  will be 102 hours.

It takes me about 3 hours to research each  state's statutes and state constitution.  That will take me another 150  hours of research to identify each state's unconstitutional laws.

      I write pretty fast and already have the legal research done for  supporting authorities, jurisdiction, historical notes, etc.  I'm  guessing 20 to 40 hours to write our Extraordinary Writ in the Nature of  Mandamus.

      Your part in this is to find others... To bring  together like-minded people HERE who DEMAND reform of our broken legal  system.  We will likely move to a website later on.

Our timeline is to make this happen in 8 to 12 months.

FB Post 5/3/2018

   Greetings to our new members and hello again fellow patriots and DEFENDERS of the US CONSTITUTION.

   In an effort ensure a fair and impartial court, I asked ALL JUSTICES of  the SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES to DISQUALIFY and/or AFFIRM  IMPARTIALITY.

   The below link will open the document directly from the Supreme Court's website.  There is a lot of strategic value to having filed this document.  AND  BELIEVE YOU ME, they were not pleased having to docket this.  Fortunately, I am adept at ensuring rules and due process are adhered to  in a respectful manner.

   This document will provide you a very  comprehensive understanding of just how the heck we have come to this  place in our country's history.  I ENCOURAGE
you to take time and read this document.

   In my opinion, the problem is an unregulated and unchecked judiciary and legal profession that has established an ARISTOCRACY.

   Fortunately, our founding fathers foresaw this eventuality and put  processes in place to ensure our republic endures.  We need only come  TOGETHER as WE THE PEOPLE and demand reform. 


FB Post 5/10/2018


   Many will tell you that you  cannot find justice without an attorney in our broken and corrupt legal  system.  DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.  

   As Sui Juris Co-Petitioners we  possess a power not available to legal professionals.  In our pleadings  we can say whatever the hell we want to say so long as we speak the  truth, supported by evidence, and speak it so, in a respectful manner.

   Attorneys do not have that power!  Attorneys must bow to the corrupt  interests of the FRATERNITY of judges and lawyers in collusion, lest  they lose their license to practice law.

We are not  bound to their internal codes, WE have a POWER THEY DO NOT!!!  We can speak the TRUTH where THEY CANNOT.  

   Case in point, take a look in the FILES section of this group at my  Motion To Disqualify ALL SUPREME COURT JUSTICES.  That is the power of  Sui Juris.  No member of the BAR could or would file such a document due  to the CORRUPTION of the Fraternal brotherhood to which they belong.

   WE THE PEOPLE, here assembled, are not bound to such nonsense.  "LET THESE FACTS BE SUBMITTED TO A CANDID WORLD"


   We here stand  firm upon the principles upon which this country was founded.  We are  unafraid to speak TRUTH and TOGETHER we will be HEARD.

FB Post 5/20/2018


   This ANNOUNCEMENT is a call to arms of sorts, a call to PERFORM your  CIVIC DUTY.  A plea to take a stand and fight with me.  FIGHT WITH ME!!!   

Fight with me, and I give my SOLEMN OATH to stand next to you  as a fierce warrior - I will not surrender this battle.  FIGHT WITH ME  and DEMAND PEACEFUL REFORM of our broken legal system!!!

   Recently  a viewer posted a simple comment during a live stream show I was on -  "Abraham Lincoln".  No other words or explanation..., just the name of  our Sixteenth President.  I was reminded of the most profound words ever  spoken by one of leaders.  

The Gettysburg Address conclusion:

   But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate -- we can not consecrate --  we can not hallow -- this ground.  The brave men, living and dead, who  struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or  detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here,  but it can never forget what they did here. IT IS FOR US THE LIVING,  rather, TO BE DEDICATED HERE TO THE UNFINISHED WORK which they who  fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. IT IS RATHER FOR US TO BE  HERE DEDICATED TO THE GREAT TASK REMAINING BEFORE US -- THAT FROM THESE  HONORED DEAD WE TAKE INCREASED DEVOTION TO THAT CAUSE FOR WHICH THEY  GAVE THE LAST FULL MEASURE OF DEVOTION -- THAT WE HERE HIGHLY RESOLVE  THAT THESE DEAD SHALL NOT HAVE DIED IN VAIN -- THAT THIS NATION, UNDER  GOD, SHALL HAVE A NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM -- AND THAT GOVERNMENT OF THE  PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE, SHALL NOT PERISH FROM THE EARTH.

   These words by our Sixteenth President perfectly express why I am in  this fight.  That those men (and all patriots - men and women) did not  die or sacrifice in vain.  That this Nation shall have a NEW BIRTH OF  FREEDOM.  For if we fail in this fight before us today, we will have  failed them, and surely they will have died or sacrificed in vain.  Not  only will we have failed them - WE THE PEOPLE, will have failed  ourselves.  I WILL NOT ACCEPT THAT OUTCOME.  I WILL NOT!!!  FIGHT WITH  ME!!!

   In the words of Lincoln, "... THAT FROM THESE HONORED DEAD  WE TAKE INCREASED DEVOTION...  This is what I ask of you today - your  INCREASED DEVOTION.  

   To come here into this group and state "I'm  In" and to do nothing more is not good enough.  Each person must take  INCREASED DEVOTION to further this cause.  Several persons here involved  in this group have heard my call and have worked hard to join others to  our cause.  Many have not as evidenced on the attached listing of  membership.  In the group admin section, FB tells me that less than 1/2  the membership are "active members".  "Active Members" are those who  "like" posts or those who comment on posts.  This means that half of our  members probably have not come into the group to see what we are about -  WHICH IS NOTHING LESS THAN PRESENTING OUR HIGHEST COURT WITH THE MOST  IMPORTANT CASE EVER HEARD.

   The left table of the attached, shows  the count of members invited by each person.  The right table  alphabetically lists each member and who they invited.  Cross reference  the people you invited as listed on right table and see if the persons  you invited has invited others.  As an example, and not to single anyone  out, and only because it is the first name on the list, xxx  invited two people to the group.  Those two people have not invited  anyone else because their names are not listed on the left table.  If  you have invites like that - REACH OUT TO THEM.  Message them and ask  them if they know they were invited.  Ask them if they visited the  group.  Ask them to do their part and further our cause.

Set  aside 15 minutes each day and use that time to reach out to the people  you invited and ask them if they are excited about this project.  Use  that time to reach out to new people and invite them.  Use that time to  go out to other groups and tell them about this project.


   I sincerely recognize that many here in this group have suffered  greatly.  I recognize this suffering affects our ability to organize our  thoughts, and our ability to perform normal daily tasks.  I know this  pain too, but surely not as intimately as many of you here assembled.  I  know many of you are wounded warriors who have already fought long and  hard in a seemingly futile battle.  If you are one of our wounded  warriors who has long been in this fight, I humbly ask you to once again  stand up and fight with me.  I swear a solemn oath to stand by you as a  fierce warrior. 


   Next  month, I am going to set up a new registered domain and website.  We  will start moving names of people in this group to that site and  gathering email addresses.  Under that new domain name/address, I will  ask you to email me your FB name and email address.  In this way, we can  keep track of who in this group is actively participating and providing  their email contact info.  I will ask for volunteers to help me manage  the data and contact those not providing data.

   I am also going to  set up a constant contact account from which I will send out mass  emails to the members of this group since many do not receive group  notifications.

Once we have enough people, and we are ready to  file in SCOTUS, which is about 300,000 active members, I will reach out  to EVERYONE via email and ANNOUNCEMENT here, and send you an affidavit  affirming you are a real person, a co-petitioner, your full legal name,  home address, and phone number.  These affidavits will have to be  notarized and an image sent to me so I can file with SCOTUS.  I'm still  working on details regarding this with the Clerk's Office so this may  change.  I hope to find out more this week. 


   God Bless you if you took the time to read this far.  If you did, leave  a comment "I'm standing next to you" so I'll know who is committed.

   With all my heart - THANK YOU!!!


FB Post 7/1/2018


   Since at least the 1960's our courts have  steadfastly become more and more corrupt, and if history predicts the  future, our courts will become even more corrupt (if that is even  imaginable).  The time is now to UNITE in COMMON PURPOSE.

   In this  group I need not list out the travesties, you well know the crimes of  corrupt attorneys in black robes colluding with attorneys, CPS, and  various other state bad actors.

   We all can agree THIS MUST STOP!!!

   This project here - WE THE PEOPLE v THE FIFTY UNITED STATES is not my  idea.  The idea for this project is attributed to the brilliance of our  FOUNDING FATHERS who established this REPUBLIC and our form of  government that is: OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE.  It  is to them, to whom credit for this project is properly attributed.

   I have tagged everyone who was named as a "leader" in this movement on  this post.  I respectfully ask that we unite in common purpose under  this banner "WE THE PEOPLE" and DEMAND REFORM of our broken and corrupt  legal system.  I ask that you use your influence to reach out to  EVERYONE and invite them to stand side by side with us.

   This  project serves the purpose of improving..., if not solving, the problems  of whatever cause you support.  If you do not understand this project,  please call me and allow me to explain how this project will be  successful and will dramatically fix many of the problems you fight to  fix.             My cell phone number is 615-351-2649.  That goes for anyone, if  you do not understand what this project is about, if you don't  understand that we will be SUCCESSFUL no matter what, call me.

   In  an EFFORT TO UNITE, if you like, I will appoint you as a moderator on  this page for a week and you can make one post to present the effort you  are engaged in to this audience.  On our website, I also have a  marketing platform and I invite you prepare an email that I will email  out to everyone in our database.  I will also add a page to the website,  OTHER RESOURCES and include a link to your website, FB page with a  brief description of your cause.



FB Post 5/30/2018


   Is the reform movement being taken down another rabbit hole?

   Throughout history, the legal profession has often faced times like  these where the dissatisfaction with the judicial and legal system  reaches a boiling point.  "Their" answer through out history is to  pacify WE THE PEOPLE with legislation, study committees, etc., etc.

   DO NOT BE FOOLED.  These corrupt lawyers wearing robes (costumes) and  their BAR buddies have no interest in REFORM.  Their interest is to  pacify us so they can continue to conduct their corrupt proceedings.

   Think about it... In the late 1970s Congress enacted 42 USC, Section  1983 supposedly to protect us from lawyers and judges in collusion.  Did  that help?  Of course not.  The leaders of the reform movement of that  time were pacified into thinking they had effected great change.  Has  Section 1983 been enforced against lawyers and judges?  Of course not.


   Confidence men are not "crooks" in the ordinary sense of the word. They  are suave, slick and capable. Their depredations are very much on the  genteel side. Because of their high intelligence, their solid  organization, the widespread convenience of the law, and the fact that  the victim [sometimes] must admit criminal intentions if he wishes to  prosecute, society has been neither willing nor able to avenge itself  affectively.  Scamming: The Misunderstood Confidence Man, Yale Journal  of Law & the Humanities Vol. 27: Iss. 2, Art. 2)”

   WE THE  PEOPLE, here assembled will not be fooled, we will not be taken down  another rabbit hole.  Do you really think 50/50 shared parenting will  make a difference?  Section 1983 did not make a difference, why should  50/50 parenting make a difference?  How easy will it be for these  corrupt "legal professionals" to rely on false allegations of drug use,  abuse, mental unfitness, etc. and award custody to one parent and just  keep right on trucking with their vexatious litigation?

   This is  not to say 50/50 is a complete waste of time.  Likely some parents will  be saved - and even if only a few can be saved that is a win.  And of  course we need to take every win we can.

   But we cannot let  ourselves be pacified.  The real problem is no oversight and no  accountability of crooked lawyers and crooked lawyers in black robes.   That is what WE THE PEOPLE, here assembled, are about... ACCOUNTABILITY  and a return of POWER to WE THE PEOPLE.


FB Post 7/29/18


   The EPA or some federal agency should fine the Supreme Court of the United States for fraud, waste and abuse.

   Sup Ct Rule 33.1 requires petitions be filed on 60lb cardstock paper.   Cardstock is what business cards are made from, three times as thick as  copy paper, three times as much paper, three times as many trees, three  times the environmental footprint... where are the tree huggers????  

   Then they require Writs printed double sided in book form measuring 6  1/8" X 9 1/4" which means you have to make two cuts which is why there  is all that waste (see below).  Shameful?  Do you think this stupid rule was put in  place just to make it hard to get docketed?  I do!  Can you say "DENIAL  OF ACCESS TO COURT"?  I started at 6AM this morning printing and  cutting... I just finished at 8:30PM.  Fourteen hours just to print and  cut?  I still have to bind and that will take another couple hours.

   No worries, we will jump through their stupid hoops.

   The below Writs, I'm filing this week in my own reform case against TN.  It is similar to what we will file TOGETHER.

   With this case I'm stacking the deck in our favor.  They are so  arrogant and confident in themselves, they are clueless to the "chess  game" I'm playing.  However they decide this case..., grant review,  don't grant review...  rule in my favor, decide against me... is win win  for us.  Can't elaborate on that just yet due to OPSEC.

   This  case I'm filing has three defendants and Sup Ct Rules require I provide  them 3 copies each.  Soooo, 40 copies for SCOTUS, 9 copies for  defendants, 1 copy regular copy paper so Clerk's Office can scan it.  It  was a labor of love.

   I bet opposing counsel cringes when they see  what I have written.  As Sui Juris, I can speak the truth where  attorneys cannot lest they offend their brethren.  I am not bound to the  rules of their fraternity.   I can speak truth so long as I do so in a  respectful manner and with the truth supported by evidence.

   This case was a good warm up for our case...  219 pages including appendixes.